How to Find a Brand Name for Your Online Business When it comes to choosing a brand name for your online business, finding the right words can be difficult. When somebody lands on your website, they need to identify with you within a matter of seconds, or they will quite simply click to go elsewhere. Branding can be complex, finding the right colour scheme, graphics, and logo design can take time to perfect, but finding a catchy name in itself is the first place to start developing that all important brand. A brand name should be a collaboration of a few principles; it should be memorable, simple and functional. If
Do's and Don'ts of a Job Interview If you are seeking a job and are all set to appear for an interview, here is some piece of advice worth lending an ear to. There are a number of factors which might lend you a hand in making your interview a success. Most of the interviewers try to extract more or less the same elements out of the candidates; the most important being sincerity and genuineness. Here are some Do's for a job inter...
Idea Starters: 20 Phrases to Help You Come Up With Topics to Write About When you are at a loss for ideas, you can turn to the prompts listed in this post and come up with something to write about.
217 Influencers & Experts Tell Me Their Worst Influencer Marketing Mistake (Part 2) All you need is a group of influencers promoting your content/products.

Unfortunately, most people fail at this badly...

Good news for you... you’ve got 215 mistakes to avoid so you can get started on the right track.
Blog Agents, VAs and You: Getting Help vs. DIY for Your Blog Are you overwhelmed by the requirements of keeping up your blog?

Feel like you’re missing out on opportunities, since you spend all your time keeping up with marketing?

Choosing how much time to spend on your blog versus how much income to spend is a choice all bloggers have to make. Doing everything yourself can take a toll.

Is it time to ask for help to get more bang for your buck?

Blog agents and VAs can help your blog go much further for a small investment. Let’s look at the pros and cons of hiring extra help so you can earn more, and how to do it yourself easier
Logical Expressions in C/C++. Mistakes Made by Professionals In programming, a logical expression is a language construct that is evaluated as true or false. Many books that teach programming "from scratch" discuss possible operations on logical expressions familiar to every beginner. In this article, I won't be talking about the AND operator having higher precedence than OR. Instead, I will talk about common mistakes that programmers make in simple conditional expressions consisting of no more than three operators, and show how you can check your code using truth tables. Mistakes described here are the ones made by the developers of such well-known pr
23 Clever Ways to Monetize Your Blog This article will teach you 23 ways to monetize that traffic.

Just as it’s important to diversify your investments, it’s important to diversify your revenue.
56 Reasons Why Startups Fail [Infographic] 55% of the startups in the US are not in existence only after 5 years and here are 56 reasons why startups fail presented in an infographic.
How to Boost Site Conversion With Cohort Analysis (Part 2) In our second post about cohort analysis, learn how you can leverage the best practices of this analytics tactics for your SaaS, mobile apps, and more.
6 Tips For SMEs To Expand Their Brand For small businesses it can seem like an uphill struggle to get your brand out there. Matthew Rogers, Head of search at gift retailer toxicfox.co.uk, highlights some key tactics for small business to get their metaphorical foot in the door when it comes to brand awareness.
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