What are Toxic Backlinks and How to Remove Them? Here is a complete guide about how toxic backlinks affect a website and how you can easily find and remove them to keep your website ranking.
2014 Bot Traffic Report : "Bots now account for 56% of all website traffic" A study by Incapsula suggests 56% of all website traffic is now generated by bots.
The company reported that for most websites bot traffic is between 63% and 80%.
2015 will be the rise of impersonator bots, while RSS bots seem to be on their way to extinction.

What's the bot situation in your website?
Check it out, it depends on your daily traffic.
Klinkk News and Update + Migration to a New Server It’s been a while since the latest update on the Klinkk blog, where I introduced the Premium Services. It was quite a good success, with different users purchasing the RSS Feeds automated submission plans. In this way, you don’t have to worry about submitting your stories to Klinkk each time you update your website. Plus, […]
What are Toxic Backlinks and how can they affect your Website? Link building as any SEO expert will tell you, is essential to drive traffic organically to your website through improved search engine ranking. This is more so because Google’s Panda 4.0 update has made link analysis an important part of overall site ranking. By analyzing the source of external links to a website Google’s algorithm determines the ranking and authority of a site. An important consideration in this is based on whether the links are from a spam source or from a genuine website. Now that the Panda update has made it clear to marketers that toxic backlinks play as important a rol
42 Bloggers You Want To Meet In 2015 Here are 42 great bloggers you want to meet in 2015. Great selection. This is a selection by Sylviane Nuccio, a well-known blogger on all things writing and some things France.
How To Generate More Blog Traffic: My 140k Case Study ( By StuartJDavidson on StuartJDavidson.com - Social Media Marketing Resources )This article covers how I reached 140,753 pageviews within exactly 12 months since relaunching my website on November 17th, 2013. You can quickly recap on ...The post How To Generate More Blog Traffic: My 140k Case Study appeared first on StuartJDavidson.com.
Who’s to Blame When Internet Marketing Doesn’t Generate Leads or Sales? Every business wants and needs a website, search engine and social media presence in order to generate new prospects and sales. Many businesses will pay good money to build an online presence with the expectation that a website, social media and a search engine like Google will bring lots of willing buyers to their business at a substantial profit. But most times that doesn't happen.Why?....
How to Link Google Analytics with AdSense - Spice Blogger Tricks Here is a Complete Video tutorial about how you can easily link your Google Analytics account to Adsense Account.
Top 20 Blogging Mistakes That Keep Visitors Off Their Site So it’s true, isn’t it? For your blog to stand a chance to grow and succeed, you must have a reliable method of attracting steady visitors to your site. So right from day one, you work hard to implement tactics like content marketing, SEO and social marketing. But the truth is that attracting visitors to […]The post Top 20 Blogging Mistakes That Keep Visitors Off Their Site appeared first on Problogging Success.
Community Member Spotlight with Tech Arrival Hi everyone and welcome to our community member spotlight. Today I’m going to introduce to the community Tech Arrival. Tech Arrival was founded by Mehul Boricha on October 9, 2013. Mehul is only 17 years old. For a guy that age, he has achieved a lot in blogging. When he created Tech Arrival he only […]The post Community Member Spotlight with Tech Arrival appeared first on Blog Engage.
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