How to secure a new WordPress blog from hackers! - Make money blogging Is your new blog safe. Here are things to do to keep it safe from hackers. Applicable to old blogs too
5 Best Apps for Rooted Android Phones If you have recently rooted your Android phone or you're going to root it then you must checkout these best apps for rooted Android phone
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5 Tips to Deal With Depression Without Medication | A lot of terms are used to describe depression like clinical depression, major depression, unipolar depression, unipolar disorder, recurrent depression, and major depressive disorder (MDD).
Getting Your Attitude Right! « Seasoned Life Journal
“Your attitude not your aptitude determines your altitude”- Zig Ziglar

Let me break it down. It is not your natural talent/skills (aptitude) that will deliver success (altitude) but your desire to succeed (attitude).
How to Construct Your Perfect Pro Blogging Environment Blogging has changed dramatically and people are doing it a great level. Here we are going to talk about few essential things in a blogger's room/office.
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