7 Ways to Stay Motivated as a Blogger - Pro Motivator Motivation is a fickle thing. When you have it, you can accomplish great things. When you don’t, well… you know. The problem is, you never know when you’ll have motivation and when you won’t. For a blogger, that can be quite a bit problematic.
5x Blog Engage Standard Account Giveaway -WPSEOTricks I am giving away 5 Standard accounts of BlogEnage worth £19.99 each to 5 Lucky Readers. I would like to thank Brian Belfitt, for sponsoring this Giveaway.
New Feature ~ Tips from experts! - Make money blogging If you think you are an experts in something and you have a unique tip you want to share with us, contact me and let’s talk about it.
5 Warning Signs You are Addicted to Your Smartphone - Pro Motivator addicted to your smartphone. You are restless when you have flat battery This may not be applicable to everyone. If your business transactions ...
5 tips to help manage pressure as a blogger - Pro Motivator Blogging Activities are numerous and it can make you be under pressure. Use this 5 tips to manage pressure as a blogger.
The secret of happiness according to science This is a very instructive TED talk by Harvard University psychologist Dan Gilbert.  He explains all about the secret to happiness – synthetics.  Yes, we all synthesize happiness.  Is it fake?  Yes…and no.  When we fake happiness, it turns out that we make happiness.  And that makes it real.  But I should let him explain it, as he does it so much better than I can.
How to get High Quality Dofollow Backlink from Orkut Orkut is a Social Media site with high Pagerank (PR7) and Alexa rank around 2000. So getting dofollow backlink from Orkut is definitely going to help you.
Can I install BBM on Gingerbread? There is no official release for the BBM on Gingerbread Android OS version yet as speculated, be careful not to download virus. Upgrade your phone before...
How to Speed up WordPress Load Times | My Perilous Journey avgjoegeek.net How to Speed up WordPress? I go through everything I did to improve my own site. I'll show you the steps from troubleshooting to optimizing to make your own site load up fast!
Fixing the Twitter Field for CommentLuv Blogs avgjoegeek.net Ever wanted to know how to fix that Twitter Field for CommentLuv blogs that use it? Its easier than you think. Read More and I'll show you how to fix it!
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