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Comment Freaks is created with the single aim of promoting ourselves(bloggers). It's all about reciprocation....

5 Free Plugins Used to Speed Up WordPress Load Times If you’ve been following my posts about improving WordPress load times then your starting to realize there is a lot of work that needs to get done behind the scenes to make it all work. From optimizing WordPress, to using CDN services such as CloudFlare and MaxCDN, and finally the Plugins used. The combination of all of these are used together to help speed up load times. Take a look at the list below for the plugins I recommend using to speed up your WordPress load times.
How to Optimise Your Display Boards Rent Display boards are becoming more and more popular at conferences, symposiums, classrooms, meetings, and functions. This is because of the multiple uses and advantages that can be gained from using display boards.
5 Reasons Why You Aren't A Millionaire Yet - Pro Motivator Perhaps you are wondering why you haven't yet become a millionaire. Here are 5 simple ways to becoming that millionaire personality!
How I promote my blog: 10 Proved and Insightful steps to follow I was having a nap yesterday when I received a phone call that literally destroyed my sleep. So what was it about? How do I promote a website/blog? That was the question the person had asked me.
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