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Story Of An Inspiring Women Entrepreneur Who Turned Failure Into Success After a failed startup she bounced back to launch Khush a company that develops Artificial intelligent music apps. Prerna Gupta talks about her journey from lows to highs and from recession to success. It’s great to see women entrepreneur in tech world making it big.
Stop These 7 Biggest Mistakes Of Mobile Marketing The following guide gives the most common pitfalls a mobile marketing campaign can get itself into. Avoiding these would not only make the efforts you put into the campaign a success but also generate positive reviews among your customer base.
The Human Race Has Evolved On This Principle. Can You Use That In Your Business Today? Internet and social media has given access to countless opportunities to come together and mutually grow. Crowd funding, designing, ideating are just to name a few. It’s a great question to ponder – how we can use this enormous power of collaboration to create something great in small business.
When The World’s Top Executives Wake Up? It’s a well-known fact that the key to success is to start a healthy early day. This chart just reiterates the statement. Are you waking up at the right time?
This Simple Common Quality Makes Google, Amazon and Facebook Great. Ever wonder why some companies are a sudden failure after enjoying the top ranks in their domain. Nokia and Kodak are some of the examples. What does it take to maintain that success? Can small business avoid these mistakes? If yes, how?
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