Your privacy is highly important to us. As with any website, we collect certain information from you and use it for proper functioning of the site, its features and also for the purpose of convenience. We describe below how we collect, use and protect your personal information while you use this site.

Your Personal Information

The information you provide in your profile is publicly available on the site and helps in connecting with other members of the site. The information such as your real name, and any background information you provide is totally up to you. We do not encourage you to publicly provide your email or house address at any occasion within the site (although you can provide a public email in your profile if you want people to contact you). However, we neither control nor be responsible of how others use your personal information. So please be careful with providing any personal information about yourself or your business. If you use the “Tell a friend” feature to share a particular story on this site, you are free to type in your friend’s email addresses. Those addresses will only be used to share that particular story.


Just like any most websites, we use cookies to store your information when you visit our website. This information is used to make your user experience “good” with the site; this might include, say, showing a pop up only once to you, customize the content and layout on the site for you based on the device or the browser you use, showing customized content to you like, suggesting you friends or groups etc. We use third party advertising on this site and those advertising agencies may use cookies to collect information from you and through these cookies they might know what type of browser you use, your geographic location, your IP address, whether you have Flash installed and so on. This information is mainly collected so that the advertising agencies have analytics of how well their ads are performing on a site and how effective their geo-targeting works. Also they might want to serve your custom ads based on your interests and location.

Log Files

As with any website we use the information in the log files to offer you personalized experience, diagnose problems with our site or server, improvise on our service and for other similar purposes. We do not track you once you leave the site. Log files have information such as your IP, your browser, your ISP, the pages you visited in the site, the time you visited the site and so on.

Privacy of Children (Under 18)

If you are under 18, then you may not use this website and its service unless you are accompanied by your parent or a guardian.

Your Choice of Opting Out

We may send your mass announcement emails or site news from time to time. If you do not want to receive emails from us, you can easily unsubscribe by clicking on the “Unsubscribe” link which will be present at the end of every email we send. Please however note that some communication is highly essential since these will include important information about any changes in the site, your account and other information regarding your submissions or your profile. If for any reason, you want to delete your account at Klinkk, please contact us.
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