Alexa Traffic Rank 93k in 34 days for brand new blog - Here is how! Getting pretty nice Alexa traffic rank these days will no longer cost your left leg. with a little m ore activities and good contents, you can easily get the low ranking that attracts advertising. Here, I shared how I got 93k in just 34 days with a brand new blog

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  1. Reginald 142 days ago Permalink

    Whoa Enstine! That's a huge thing mate! Congratez!

  2. enstine 142 days ago Permalink

    Thanks Reginald. Hope you are doing great too

  3. admin 142 days ago Permalink

    Amazing, Enstine.

    Really big stats. Congratulations!

    I think that if you keep working like this, your blog will be Very Big soon. ;-)

    I see Alexa at 111k on Klinkk today, after just 45 days, since it is live.

    Pretty happy with it! :-)

  4. enstine 142 days ago Permalink

    Oh that's impressive too Erik! Hard work pays

    Hope you soon start monetizing the platform ;)

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