17 Effective Ways to Reduce Bounce Rate In Google Analytics When you have a website, you almost always want to attract the right kind of audience and retain their attention. You don't want people to come to your website, only to visit once and leave.
7 Vital SEO Trends for Google Rankings in 2017 | Digital Current Discover the top 7 SEO trends you need to know for 2017 to ensure you achieve & maintain elevated Google rankings. Learn about AMP, AI, & other trends.
52 SEO Quotes Of 2016 | Experts Rounup | Cost Effective SEO “Content is king” is probably the most overused quotation about SEO or search engine optimization that you could still be using today. Although it is indeed a timeless quote with a principle that holds true until now, there’s absolutely nothing wrong in looking for fresh ideas, either.

Here, we will take a look at the top 52 quotations about SEO that will inspire you to run your business this 2016.
SEO Quotes to Inspire You in Running Your Business
As you may already know, SEO involves a series of techniques which aim to improve a website’s search engine rankings. In today’s business env
Long Tail Pro Review: The Best Keyword Research Tool Ever? Learn from this Long Tail Pro review why you should use this keyword research tool to help you choose the best keywords to drive more traffic to your blog.
Increase Social Engagements with a Social Rewards Program Social media channels are unparalleled in terms of driving engagement and attracting internet traffic. A modern consumer spends a tremendous time on these networks and expects to be able to interact with a favorite brand there, not just with other users.

What is more, traditional marketing messages are falling short of set goals, as they are seen as too promotional and intrusive. On the other hand, innovative tactics such as social rewards programs and content marketing work their magic without overwhelming or irritating the customer.
How To Pick The Correct SEO Agency For Your Business? are you stuck at some point and not able to decide which SEO agency you should choose or how to choose a good seo agency?

If yes, here are the points which will help you to easily select a correct SEO agency.

Google Ranking Factors 2017-Affecting Page Keywords ranking | Drill SEO Factors Affecting Google Rankings for Keywords. List of the SEO Google Ranking Factors. Correct site on-page and Off page SEO To boost Rankings and Traffic
Awesome List! High DA Directory Submission Sites 2017 [Free & Latest] Yes, this is the right place to find latest niche directory submission site list which has good trustable domain authority.

Now a day’s directory backlinks are no value if they are not in niche (Relevant industry and location specific). Niche directory and country based directory with high DA which has good value and do follow backlinks gives good trust to make happy google to count a quality backlink.
Serpstat Review: All-in-One Powerful SEO Tool to Dominate SERP in 2017 Serpstat Review | Here is the genuine review of Serpstat the Most Powerful tool, Serpstat 2017 Review for Blogger, Serpstat Review for SEO Consultant.
3 Secrets Ways of Super Successful Social Video Can Propel Your Brand There are a lot of people online loves diverse content, like video. If you can combine the two, one social and another one is video, you can take your brand to next level. See how in our infographic below. Want to use this infographic on your site? Feel free to do so, all we ask is that you link back to us as the source! Easy, right!

Therefore, I have brought you an infographic that will help you to be more clear for your social media video marketing strategy 2017. Please have look below.


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