Ravi Prajapati is a Digital Marketer from India
6 Amazing Tips to Develop the Best Video Marketing Strategy for Your Brand Welcome to the year of video marketing. Experts had predicted 2017 will be the year of video marketing. And with 92% of the mobile video viewers sharing videos online, videos have indeed become a vital part of all social media marketing strategies. Smart businesses are finding innovative ways to increase their reach on social media, and devising a video marketing strategy will be a powerful way to connect with the consumer. This year January, Facebook announced that it will give videos that are viewed for longer, higher preference in the ranking of the News Feed.
7 Best Blogging Design Practices You Should Take to Heart Learn the best blogging design practices to boost your conversion rate such as considering a blog card layout, using intuitive forms, and more.
Get Real Blog Traffic From Facebook – 5 Expert Strategies If you’re struggling to get blog traffic from Facebook, you’re not alone.

Need real results from your time and efforts?
Follow the strategies of the experts in this post to get more traffic to your blog.
4 Fantastic Social Media Tools to Rapidly Scale Your Marketing (Plus CEO Predictions!) Skip the typical "social media tool" roundup posts, and use this list of the best social media tools to scale your marketing, paired with CEO predictions.
What Super Fans Can Do For Your Business | DrumUp Blog While most commonly associated with sports, Super fans come in all shapes and sizes with interests that are just as varied. They are the ones who queue up for hours to be the first ones to see a new movie, buy a new iPhone or to be front row for their favorite band.
Get Ready for WhatsApp Businesses - Read In Brief Biggest Social Media Chatbot now officially announce that they are your WhatsApp as WhatsApp businesses for the people.Now people save time on social media
Facebook Advertising Costs: Guide to the Cost of Facebook Ads Interested to know how much Facebook advertising cost? View our pricing options and learn how Cost of Facebook Ads works.
Best Samsung Galaxy Note 8 Cases : The Ultimate Lifeguard of your Smartphone Here is a list of Samsung Galaxy Note 8 cases and covers to protect your device from unexpected disasters from a list of best buyers.
Android App Development: Quick Tips for New Developers - Hidden Brains Blog ow Android users behave is the key to success. It is important to plan strategy accordingly. Achieving success as a new Android App developer might be challenging, but it is not impossible.
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