Google / Gmail Account Recovery - Step By Step Guide I bought a second hand mobile but I don't know his gmail and password. I can't open my youtube and playstore so I want to make a new gmail account in my mobile. I have my account. So plz help. How to enter my account in my mobile ?

gmail.com login
Simplest Way to Delete Gmail Account Permanently Before closing your Gmail account, you should remove your Gmail account with its associated Bank account, Amazon account, Amazon prime account, your work place because you can neither receive any important emails from these accounts or you can forward them from the deleted Gmail address once it has been deleted. So what you should do now is to go to the most important account first as mentioned above and change the contact email address to another email account which you are using now. If you want to create Gmail account now, go to our guide on Gmail sign up.
Create New Gmail Account | www.Gmail.com Sign Up | Gmail Sign in & Login If by any chance you forgot your Gmail password, here is the step by step procedure for Google account recovery


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